Equipment Build and Repair Services

At Betar, Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to handle all aspects of machining from start to finish for each client’s specific needs.

When you require repair or replacement of machinery or parts, we’ll ensure that your equipment always receives the required care. Requested repairs typically include:

  • Counter-bore worn machinery and create new inserts
  • Fabricate replacement parts with proper sizing of interior diameters and exterior diameters, flanges and holes
  • Remove broken screws and bolts
  • Repair and re-tap threads

We also offer prototyping, consulting, full documentation, and local trucking services, to provide support along the way.

Ready to get started? For all your equipment repair or replacement needs, please request a quote for your next project.

Betar delivers outstanding quality drilling, honing, turning, and more — on time, at a fair price. We deliver the precise specifications and tolerances for every aspect of every project.

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